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NetPublishing provides Internet collocation services to customers with demanding security requirements. Our hosting facilities allow small to medium sized enterprises to utilize the Internet without having to commit to large bandwidth contracts and without having to staff up on expensive information technology. We operate internationally in countries chosen to address financial privacy concerns and to provide excellent connectivity. Our customer portfolio includes international banks, financial institutions, and security conscious corporations.

NetPublishing provides servers, cabinet space, and Internet connectivity as well as additional services including encrypted file systems and periodic backups. Our full featured support package includes remote rebooting, bandwidth usage tracking, site statistics, automated unattended backups, and 24/7 remote hands-on support.

Many collocation facilities require customers to lease a minimum amount of equipment and bandwidth. NetPublishing manages servers for customers with either a single server and smaller bandwidth requirements or a significant network infrastructure.

NetPublishing is ideal for smaller companies and individuals who "fell through the cracks" created by the capacity minimums required by the larger hosting and collocation companies. NetPublishing is ideal for larger companies that require a small satellite Internet POP for reduncancy, live backups, testing, or high bandwidth applications such as Video on Demand or IPTV.


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